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Kitchen And Wardrobe

Modular Kitchen & wardrobe industry Is fastest growing category in field of furniture with CAGR of 30%. Spacewood is pioneer in this category since 1997. It has supplied kitchen cabinets & shutters to more then 2 lakh houses in last 20 years. It is successfully running 17 Company owned stores in metro cities since last 5 years. Spacewood Kitchens & wardrobe stands for premium life style design and superior functionality at affordable price.

Spacewood Edge

  • 100% in house manufacturing, right from Laminated boards to finish product
  • Fully assembled kitchen on lines of German kitchen.
  • International design concept which are highly aspirational. In-house qualified product designer with international exposure.
  • Innovative material Supertuff HDF carcass offering 100% waterproof, strength better then plywood with 10 years warranty and estimated life span of 15 years.
  • Largest variety of finishes made in-house. Foil, glass, PU paint, acrylic, veneer, laminates, you name it and we have it.
  • Partnering with leading European fittings brands like Blum, Kessebohmer, Grass, Hettich etc
  • Largest range of customized wardrobe solution: Sliding, Hinged Walk in closets.
  • Fast delivery schedule. Up to 21 days.
  • Extremely competitive pricing.
  • Life time Service, up to 10 years warranty, Estimated product life span of 15 years.
  • Software support for designing and pricing.
  • Training for designing, Selling, installation.
  • Extensive national Print and digital marketing for leads generation.

Our formats for Kitchen & Wardrobe Business

Kitchen & Wardrobe

Minimum required area 1000 Sq.ft.

Modern Living
Kitchen & wardrobe

Minimum required area 2000 Sq.ft.

Kitchen & Wardrobe

Minimum required area 3000 Sq.ft.

What we are
looking from

  • Passionate entrepreneurs having experience in design & Build / Project Sales.
  • Having Interior / Architectural / Civil back ground
  • Ability to do field sales.
  • Own / Leased premises at convenient location.
  • Team for Designing / Installation & Marketing.
  • Investment capacity depending on type of formats.

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